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Rushmoor Urban Wildlife Group


CONSTITUTION OF: Rushmoor Urban Wildlife Group 


1 Name 

The name of the Group shall be: Rushmoor Urban Wildlife Group 


2 Aims 

The aims of the Group shall be to: Promote, protect and enhance the biodiversity and the natural environment of Rushmoor 


3 Powers 

In order to achieve its aims the Group may 

1). Organise events
2). Attend events organised by other groups
3). Organise and deliver habitat creation or improvement projects in Rushmoor as agreed with Rushmoor Borough Council and other interested stakeholders
4).Work with other groups and exchange information
5). Apply for funding for materials to undertake habitat improvement projects
6). Produce materials to promote wildlife in Rushmoor
7). Promote any activity which encourages wildlife in Rushmoor 


4 Membership 

Membership of the Group shall be open to any person over 18 or any organisation living or located in the Rushmoor area who is interested in helping the Group to achieve its aims. 

Membership shall be available to anyone without regard to gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual preference, religion or belief. 

(c) Membership shall be free, therefore requiring no subscription fee to be paid. 

(d) Children (under the age of 18) cannot be individual members of the group but may attend meetings and events provided they are accompanied by a responsible adult. 



5 Management and Meetings 

(a) The Group shall be administered by a Committee of three active members who will serve as officers. 

(b) The Officers of the Committee shall be the Chairperson, Administrator and the Secretary. 

(c) Where necessary, the Committee will meet shortly before planned meetings and the Group shall aim to meet at least 3 times a year. 

(d) The Chairperson or a person nominated by the Chairperson shall Chair all meetings of the Group. 

(e) Decisions will be made by a consensus majority at meetings where all members are invited to participate with a quorum of five members required. 

(f) All members shall be entitled to attend meetings and be encouraged to express their views. 

(g) The meeting closest to April each year will serve as an Annual General Meeting where officers will be elected and a report on the previous twelve months activities by the Group will be presented. 


6 Duties of the Officers 

(a) The duties of the Chairperson are to: 

    •    chair meetings of the Committee and the Group 

    •    represent the Group at functions/meetings that the Group has been invited

    •    act as spokesperson for the Group when necessary 

    •    discuss and agree projects with interested stakeholders
At the discretion of the Chairperson, the Chairperson may nominate another person of the Group to perform any of the above duties.

(b) The duties of the Secretary are to: 

    •    keep a membership contact list 

    •    prepare meeting agendas in consultation with the Chairperson 

    •    invite members to meetings and circulate agendas prior to meetings 

    •    take and keep minutes of all meetings 

    •    collect and share relevant information within the Group 


(c) The duties of the administrator are to: 

assist the Chairperson and Secretary where required 


7. Finance 

(a) Any money obtained by the Group shall be used to fund materials or necessary professional work for specific and agreed projects or any other necessary expenditure. 

(b) Any bank accounts opened for the Group shall be in the name of the Group. 

(c) The Chairperson, Administrator and Secretary shall be responsible for managing any grant funding obtained. 

(d) The accounts for any money spent on such projects shall be available for inspection from the Secretary on request. 


8. Alterations to the Constitution 

Any changes to this Constitution must be agreed by at least two-thirds of those members present and voting at a meeting. 


9. Dissolution 

The Group may be wound up at any time if agreed by two-thirds of those members present and voting at a meeting. In the event of any unspent grant funding remaining this will be returned to the funding organisation or donated to suitable wildlife charity. 


10. Adoption of the Constitution 

This constitution was adopted at a general meeting of the Group on: 6th December 2016


Chairperson: Mr Derek Flynn

Secretary: Mr Paul Howe, c/o Rushmoor Borough Council, Council Offices, Farnborough Road, Farnborough, GU14 7JU 

Administrator: Mr Les Murrell, c/o Rushmoor Borough Council, Council Offices, Farnborough Road, Farnborough, GU14 7JU